• Provide a framework for cross-national urban comparison and expand the body of comparative, cross-national research on neighborhood change and immigrant incorporation
  • Speed up the sharing of theory, data, and research between U.S. and German scholars
  • Provide comprehensive background on policies and practices in both countries that govern neighborhood change and immigrant incorporation in order to facilitate cross-country comparisons
  • Explore how research could inform policies and practices in the two countries
The first of two joint workshops of the involved researchers took place in St. Louis at the University of Missouri—St. Louis (UMSL) in April 2018. The core themes were neighbourhood change und immigrant incorporation. The scholars discussed the comparison of different institutional and political-planning contexts as well as the key demographic and socio-economic trends, with a particular focus on migration and neighborhood change.

Apart from the workshop, the team visited select neighborhoods which are experiencing change and spoke to local non-profit organizations. Florian Sichling, Adriano Udani and Jörg Plöger also discussed the issue of migrant incorporation in older-industrial cities such as St. Louis and Dortmund during a live radio show on St. Louis public radio.
The second workshop took place in September 2018. It continued with the discussions started in St. Louis on how to study Gentrification in older industrial cities. Furthermore, plans were made for joint research projects and publications.

The workshop included a bike tour through Dortmund neighborhoods such as Unionsviertel, Kreuzviertel, Nordstadt and Hörde and involved input from local non-profit organizations such as Planerladen and inWest EG.

The workshop ended with a public policy event which focused on Neighborhood Change and Gentrification in older-industrial cities. Within this event, Todd Swanstrom und Alan Mallach presented on Neighborhood Change in St. Louis with a focus on how the new knowledge economy was driving the change of some neighborhoods. This was followed by presentations from practitioners in Dortmund. Harriet Ellwein from the City of Dortmund presented the project Nordwärts. Franz-Bernd Große-Wilde of the cooperative housing association Spar- und Bauverein spoke about their experience and approaches towards social mixing and housing.